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New for Old Inverters Cashback

New for old inverters

WallCann ensures responsible recycling of electronic waste

Do you have an old inverter that you would like to trade in for a cash discount on a new inverter?
Did you buy a faulty inverter that came without technical services or a warranty back up?
Put your waste inverter to good use. WallCann can replace your old one and give you a cash reward towards a new 8ZED inverter*.

WallCann will donate your older inverter to Electronic Recycling Australia UNPLUG N’ DROP.


Cheap inverters are not worth repairing, but Electronic Recycling Australia, a leading not for profit e-waste recycler, will convert electronic junk into useful materials rather than adding it to landfill. In recognition of your support to responsibly recycle e-waste, WallCann will give you a cashback discount on your old inverter when you purchase a new 8ZED Inverter.

Order Online, Chat or Call 1300 799 455 for information 

New for Old $120 off 4000w-800w inverter 8zed

New for Old Inverter Cashback

Send in your old inverter for $120 OFF
the price of a new 8ZED 4kW to 8KW inverter. 

Enter promotional code NFO120 at check-out

New for Old $60 off 1500w-3500w 8zed inverter

New for Old Inverter Cashback

Send in your old inverter for $60 OFF
the price of a new 8ZED 2.5KW to 3.5KW inverter

Enter promotional code NFO60 at check-out

New for Old $30 off new 150w-1500w 8zed inverter

New for Old Inverter Cashback

Send in your old inverter for $30 OFF
the price of a new 8ZED 150W to 1.5KW inverter.  

Enter promotional code NFO30 at check-out

How do I choose the right inverter 

 Please contact Wallcann to arrange a special deal for the purchase or return of more than one inverter.
* 2 Year Warranty applies to all new Pure Sine Wave Inverters * 1 Year Warranty on all new Modified Sine Wave Inverters Cashback on your old inverter can be discounted against the purchase of your new inverter when your old inverter is sent to WallCann

Offer extended to: 31st December 2018