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Power a US Bosch Nexxt Appliance in Australia.

Q Power a US Bosch Nexxt Appliance in Australia.

What do you need to convert a US Bosch Nexxt. to run from Australian 240V power.

Bosch Dryer 500 series 1400W 12A
Bosch Washer 300 series 1350W 15A
See appliance specifications.

For safety reasons, we recommend each appliance is run from a separate 8ZED STXP-U3000.

A single STXP-U4000 step down converter would probably cope with powering both, but is the maximum you can use in a domestic power situation.

However if both Dryer and Washer are running together the single cable from the converter to domestic plug socket will get very hot and you run the risk of blowing your converter and house wiring fuses.

The solution is simple, run the dyer and washer from separate voltage converters.

If possible plug each converter into a separate plug socket.

Appliances like these require a power surge at start up to heat up to operating temperature.

Hence the requirement to use the STXP-U3000 for the Dryer - continuous 1400W / surge2800W and a separate STXP-U3000 for the Washer - continuous 1350W / surge 2700W.

The Bosch manufacturer specifications are quite detailed.

The units are highly efficient, but you must take care.
A high switch load with a 2:1 voltage conversion ratio will apply.
Most domestic wiring systems are built to a maximum current per line of 15 Amps. This means you will trigger fuses on a domestic system if both Dryer and Washer are running from a single converter on a single plug socket. (Unless you have a 30Amp plug and wiring systems not seen in most homes).

A less viable option is to purchase a much more costly and bulkier Isolated Converter like our STIS range of over 3000W plus Isolated Converters. To get full value from this investment you would need to be running industrial/commercial applications with 30Amp rated power lines and switch gear.

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