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1920s Beaded Bags 2 Books

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  • 1920s Beaded Bags 2 Books
  • 1920s Beaded Bags 2 Books
  • 1920s Beaded Bags 2 Books

1920s Beaded Bags 2 Books - PDF Download

Quick Overview

A compilation of the first two books in the Heminway series. Create your own unique beaded bag from the 1920-30's with this digital book.


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1920's Beaded Bags
A Book of Bags No.1 PLUS The Book of Bags No.2
Instant Downloadable File

A Total of 30 Stunning Designs!

With the benefit of hindsight we can see that these 1920's bags are just as beautiful and desirable today as they were in the early 1920's. Good taste in fashion is timeless. Whether you are trying to recreate a 1920's bag, learn bag-making, looking for inspiration, or a fashion student you will get something from these books.

Experience the satisfaction of saying "I made it Myself!"

Contents include

  • The Threads to Use
  • Crochet and Knitting Stitches
  • Simplifying the Manner of Crocheting and Knitting with Beads
  • Directions for Washing Pure Silk Articles
  • 30 Beaded Bag Designs with Instructions

Contained in this download you will find 30 stunning designs from the peak period in beaded bag design - the nineteen twenties. These exclusive creations in hand-worked bags come with complete directions for making.


  • The Rolandere No.528 - A Russian Beaded Bag with unusual loop fringe
  • The Belle Claire No.524 - A rich looking bag of conventional design
  • The Brideweld No.522 - A simple effective bag with rows of bead loops separaring a combination of designs
  • The Kenneth-Field No.525 - Bag made in columns of Bronze and Peacock Beads
  • The Oaksmere No.526 - Smart round bag with pine cone design in white beads against a dark background
  • The Hubbard No.523 - Small envelope purse with parallel lines of beads
  • The Tiffin No.519 - Waves of Iridescent Beads against a background of Silk and Steel Beads
  • The Sydney No.518 - Miser Bag of easy stitch and modest proportion
  • The Newcomb No.527 - Small envelope bag with lap and pendants
  • The Canton No.521 - A Chinese Bag with Pagoda-shaped bottom
  • The Empire No.520 - Bag, rich in design, wonderfully simple to execute with its repitition of parallel columns
  • The Biarritz No.600 - Knitted Bag with Spanish Butterfly and Bee Design
  • The Brooklawn No.614 - Dainty enough to Accompany the Frock of the Graduate or Debutante
  • The Brae Burn No.601 - A Magical and unusual bag of Chinese Coloring
  • Sou Le Bras Paisley Bag No.598 - Unusal little bag in Paisley colorings
  • The Digby No.609 - Round Knitted Bag showing Ridges of Steel Beads
  • The Homestead No.620 - Smart Crocheted Bag in Navy and Steel
  • The Wildflower No.619 - A Smart Evening Bag Kitted in White with Pastel Beads
  • The Rosemoore No.606 - Outline of Black Loops brings out Complementary Colors of Beads and Silk
  • The Mary Lee Vanitie Bag No.599 - Flap Type Bag with Straps
  • The Inwood Pouch No.605 - Knitted Novelty Bag - Ever Old and Always New
  • From Floreny No.611 - Small Knitted Evening Bag
  • The Continental No.612 - Round Empire Bag with Design Crocheted in Steel Beads
  • The Indo-Chinese No.602 - Especially Smart Knitted bag
  • The Wainwright No.613 - Round Knitted Bag with Refined Taste
  • The Richelieu No.618 - A Charming Little Lacey Bag
  • The Avonay No.610 - A Striking Small Mouchoir Bag
  • Le Touquet No.607 - A Knitted Bag with wavy lines
  • The Sphinx No.604 - Likeness of Sphinx Knitted in Beads and Silk
  • The Mimi No.617 - Daintiest of the Small Wrist Vanity Bags